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What Jon Meacham Taught Me

By Stella Galli ICON 2020 was kicked off with loads of inspiration, hope, and motivation. Jon Meacham, a writer for George H.W. Bush and presidential biographer, was the first keynote speaker. As someone who aspires to work on political campaigns and speech writing for politicians one day, his non-partisan perspective is something I believe everyoneContinue reading “What Jon Meacham Taught Me”

The Social Dilemma

By Jonna Anello The documentary The Social Dilemma, directed by Jeff Orlowski, opens our eyes to the daunting effects of digital technology and social networking. Many of us pick up our phones and spend hours of screen time scrolling through our social media feeds without even thinking about what is involved in the invisible algorithmsContinue reading “The Social Dilemma”


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