From Newark to New York: Top three things I learned during my internship at Hunter PR

Written by Kayley Conti

This past winter I was awarded an internship at a fabulous Madison Avenue public relations agency, Hunter Public Relations, owned by PRSSA-UD’s national advisor, Grace Leong. During my 5 weeks at Hunter PR I was exposed to the field of Public Relations up close and personal.  Here are the top three things I learned about PR:

1)     In the field of PR, there is no such thing as a typical work day

I know it is drilled in our heads by our PR professors, and guest speakers, but its true! I came to know and love the unpredictable work day filled with surprise projects. In a “typical” workday I did everything from calculating media impressions, writing press materials and creating media lists to arranging and mailing a gift basket to famous ice skater Johnny Weir!

2)     PR professionals must always be on their toes, ready for crisis to occur

My very last week at Hunter PR I was asked to help write press materials for a coat drive at a school  in the Bronx hosted by a pro bono client.  Being the day after Groundhog Day, the plan was to have my supervisor dress up as Staten Island Chuck, New York City’s local groundhog, to meet and greet the kids and help hand out coats. When an ice storm hit NYC that evening, the event was cancelled and postponed to the following day. With press materials already approved and ready to be pitched to media, suddenly we had to start over.

3)     PR professionals must learn to be “jacks of all trades” knowing everything there is to know about a specific client or industry

Upon receiving the assignment of creating press materials for the coat drive, I was asked to do some research and find out how we could use Groundhog Day to promote our event. I now know more than I ever thought was possible about Groundhog Day! Here are some of my favorite facts:

1)     Staten Island Chuck’s formal name is Charles G. Hogg; he resides in the Staten Island Zoo.

2)     Chuck has a 76% accuracy rate at predicting Spring’s arrival.

3)     Last year, upon emerging from hibernation, he bit Mayor Bloomberg’s finger.

I truly enjoyed my experience at Hunter Public Relations. As a future PR professional, I highly suggest all PR students (and members of PRSSA) jump at any opportunity for an internship. After my short 5 weeks at Hunter PR, I am excited and ready for the workforce I will be thrown into upon graduating from UD in May.

Principal of Icahn Charter, Danny Garcia; NYC Clothing Bank board member, Mary Lanning, our very own Lauren C., Jason Winocour as Staten Island Chuck, me and coat drive voluntee

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