The PRSA Delaware Media Experience

Picture completing a project under the close supervision of a boss. Now, I want you to imagine completing this same project under the close supervision of 45 bosses. This was how I felt at my first PRSA Delaware meeting when I was told to speak in front of the 45 PR professionals at this week’s meeting. Although I felt nervous speaking in front of public relations practitioners, I successfully introduced myself. Introducing myself to all of these potential employers was just one of the many opportunities I had at the PRSA Delaware meeting!

The panel of Delaware media gurus facilitated a discussion on familiar topics including what a journalist, or gatekeeper, looks for in a press release to an overview of Delaware’s news trends today. The guest speakers representing broadcast and print media emphasized newsworthiness in a media release. Submitting a media release surrounding the topic of fifty layoffs would not be sufficient, but if the article focused on the economy and job layoffs regionally, then the media release presents much more newsworthy material.
The importance of social media, rather than just traditional media, was also discussed. Some PRSA members were scurrying by activating multiple twitter accounts while others were preparing podcasts, and their actions showed me the true importance of social media among public relations practitioners.

Written by Alex Albanese.

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