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Just a few months ago, if someone would have recommended I start reading a certain blog or perhaps start my own, I would have thought they were crazy. ‘Blog’ in my mind corresponded the days of Xanga when my friends and I would write endless posts about everything that happened during our day and thought that everyone was interested in reading what was essentially a public journal. I did not want to go back to that. However, over the summer I was exposed to a whole new world of blogging that forever changed my idea of all that the blog world has to offer.

It all started with a little free time that the summer offered and my newfound interest in health and fitness. With some exploration, I came across the world of healthy living bloggers; people dedicated to living a healthy life of exercise and good nutrition (with the occasional, necessary indulgence) and publishing daily posts on how they keep up with such a lifestyle. I immediately became hooked on several of these blogs and soon enough had a Google Reader filled with new exercises, healthy food and workout inspiration! But in just a short time, my Google Reader began to fill up with all different genres of the blogs available on the Internet.

My discovery of healthy living blogs led to the realization that a vast collection of categories exists in the blog world. For basically any interest whether it be books, television, fashion or even public relations, there is a blog out there for you. This not only means that you can find a blog based on any of your interests, but you can also start your very own blog about whatever you wish! Any capable and interested writer has they ability to create a blog literally at their fingertips. Moreover, some of the greatest information I’ve heard from PR professionals is that “good writing is hard to find these days.” A blog can not only be a new pastime, but also serve as an easily accessible writing portfolio to potential internships or employers. As students looking to pursue a career in public relations or communications in general, we are always looking for ways to network ourselves and find a way to stand out.

PRSSA E-board President, Abby Stollar and Meetings Director, Janie Sikes set great examples with their personal blogs. Abby’s PR and Political Commentary and Janie’s i carry it in my heart have been more than just a hobby – their blogs have brought them both many opportunities. Abby admits that blogging is one of the best things she has ever done professionally and has opened the door to many other writing opportunities such as guest posts for other blogs including the Barnes and Noble National blog! Abby and Janie both agree that a blog is also a great place to provide your resume and a portfolio of other relevant and skilled writing samples. According to Janie, having a blog helps you hone your writing skills. The only way to improve is to practice and a blog is a perfect way to do just that. Blogging is also another form of social media, a hot commodity in public relations. Blogging makes you more accessible and allows others to network with you. With an ‘about me’ section, others can easily contact you.

I personally have not yet started my blog but it has been something on my mind lately. While I plan on creating a blog, I’m trying to figure out the voice I plan to express and what I want the focus at the heart of my blog to be. So get out there, explore the blog world, and find your blogger voice too!

Happy blogging!

Written by Jamie Lawlor.

One thought on “A Blog on Blogging

  1. This is a great blog post! As a PR professional who has had both a personal blog and a blog focused on reading and writing, I can attest to the fact that blogging absolutely helped me get internships and my current job. Having a direct link to your writing is something that I think every hiring manager is looking for these days, especially in PR and communications. Even when my blog posts weren't focused on writing about PR, I found that committing to writing 4-5 times a week and consistently improving my writing helped me indirectly become a better communicator.

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