Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: #Twitter style

Who is the one celebrity that you love and would do anything to meet? We all have one. Unfortunately, you’ll likely never get to meet your dream celeb in person, but Twitter is quickly helping you connect to your favorite stars.

When you follow these celebrities, you get a glimpse into their life — what they are doing every day, what new TV shows, movies, or events they have coming up, and just advice they have learned over the years. Following celebrities on Twitter can be a gratifying feeling for those of us who would love to meet a celebrity but know that it is a one in a million chance. Knowing that you are getting a play-by-play of your favorite celebrity’s day is the closest thing to meeting the real live person. It makes you feel like you do have some connection with them because you are getting constant updates from the celebrities themselves. There is also the occasional time that you will get a real interaction with a celebrity if they answer your tweets.

Some celebs announce big news to their Twitter followers before even announcing it to the press. For example, when Kim Kardashian got engaged this year, she told her followers first. Kim tweeted, “It’s true… Kris and I are engaged!” Her sister Khloe Kardashian tweeted, “I can’t believe I was able to keep this a secret but now I can scream all I want about it! Kim is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!”

Twitter also allows for other celebrities to react to celebrity news. This summer Beyonce announced that she and Jay-Z were expecting their first child together. Once the news broke, the Twitter community reacted to it. Beyonce’s former Destinys Child bandmate Michelle Williams tweeted “OVERJOYED! a friend never tells! :).” Chris Brown tweeted “Congrats on the baby B and Jay.” Usher tweeted, “Woke up to the news that BEYONCE IS PREGNANT! So happy for her!!! Congrats B and Jay-Z!!!” and Kim Kardashian tweeted “I’m sooo happy for Beyonce & Jay Z!!!! Be’s preggo!!! Congrats!”

While Twitter allows us to hear from celebrities about their lives and exciting news they have to share, it also allows for us to hear about their reaction to sad events that go on. When Amy Winehouse passed away suddenly this year the Twitter community reacted to her death by sharing comments about her incredible talent that the world lost. Demi Lovato tweeted, “Amy Winehouse.. So sad. Unfortunately the world lost an incredibly talented woman to such a powerful disease… addiction. #RIP” Jessica Alba tweeted, “So sad about Amy Winehouse -she was so talented. Really tragic.” Demi Moore tweeted, “Truly sad news about Amy Winehouse. My heart goes out to her family. May her troubled soul find peace.” Rihanna tweeted, “Dear God have mercy!!! I am SICK about this right now! #DearAmy”

In true para-social interaction fashion, Twitter allows us to feel as though we’re part of celebrity’s life. Who needs E! news when you have Twitter?!

Written by Caroline Davis.

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