Did someone say…?

Thought Britney and Madonna’s kiss at the MTV video music awards was too much to handle? As the audience, we realize that nothing is too outrageous at these award shows.

With awards season passing somewhat uneventfully this year, the 84th Annual Oscar Awards last Sunday night began hours earlier with the red carpet hype as we sat back anxiously and watched the fabulous, most glammed celebrities of the century walk, talk, and flaunt their gorgeous bodies. What to expect? Easy–the most elite celebrities and their stunning, over-the-top wardrobe. From the up do’s to the smokey eyes, Hollywood royalty earned its nickname, looking elegant, for the most part. At these awards shows there’s always the breath-holding risk that someone may forget his or her lines, stumble and fall or simply not look gorgeous. And sure enough, we weren’t disappointed. There was no mistake when 3.8 million viewers either Tweeted about the show or had something to say when J-Lo had what appeared to be a wardrobe malfunction.

Even people who didn’t watch the show caught the scoop via Twitter, blogs, YouTube and Facebook.  Social media, along with a 24/7 news cycle, speeds news to the masses so publicists and public relations practitioners must almost work around the clock to insure their clients are presented positively to the media and to their fans. Social media can also be used positively by PR professionals in crisis situations, as publicists can address concerns and react to crises immediately.

The lovable Jenny-from-the-block stunned us this past weekend on the red carpet looking flawless in a clinging, see-through Zuhair Murad gown with a plunging neckline and teasing illusion sleeves. This isn’t the first time the fans got an unexpected eyeful of J-Lo. Déjà vu? This reminds us of the revealing Versace dress she wore at the 2000 Grammy awards that barely closed over her front, leaving her cleavage completely open. And the other night, it looked like history was going to repeat itself. Millions of viewers tuned in and Tweeted immediately when they saw what they thought was J-Lo’s cleavage almost exposed, playing hide-and-seek behind the neckline of her dress. One viewer tweeted: “Is it just me, or were we part of J-Lo’s nipples on display…?#jennyneedsabra #Oscars”. When Lopez took the stage with Cameron Diaz to present an award for Best Costume Design she bent over, and rumor has it, that some lucky viewers got a second free show. And others caught it almost as fast when video was posted on YouTube.

J-Lo seemed to have kept us “Waiting for Tonight” to prove her point that she’s back, still sexy, fresh and frisky after becoming a mom and divorcing Mark Anthony. Was this just a shadow or just our imagination? Or were we secretly hoping for something shocking or risqué to happen? In an age of transparency in PR, maybe this was just a bit too transparent.

photo credit: http://www.aceshowbiz.com

Written by: Justine Barretta.

Justine Barretta, 20, is a sophomore English major from Cresskill, N.J.  She is an active PRSSA member and hopes to become a special event planner in the entertainment industry.

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