Spring Networking

Spring is finally here! For those Juniors and Seniors, not only does Spring bring wonderful weather, but also immense pressures of finding a summer internship or that first entry level job.  Right now is the time to network, to put yourself in the best light and let all employers know what you can do and how motivated you are.

For all those college students out there, I highly advise you to take advantage of your university’s career center. Not only do they provide you with internship and job postings, but also incredible networking events, such as career expos! Career expos give you the opportunity to meet many professionals at once but in order to take full advantage of the situation, you must be prepared. Becky Johns offers a few tips for networking in her PR daily article that could be very useful during career expos and related events. One of the most important tips that I’ve been told and that is also mentioned in Johns’ article is research.  Before your networking event, it is vital you find out which companies will be attending and become knowledgeable of what their mission is. Depending on the company, you can look for them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for current updates. Being knowledgeable about the company will benefit you during conversation, and it will let the recruiter know you are serious and professional.

Another important tip is to stay off your phone. It might be obvious, but sometimes it can slip your mind. You want the company representative to know that they have your full attention and are that you are interested in what they are saying.  By checking your phone for notifications, emails, calls, etc., you show the representative that you are more interested in other things and it is also very rude. Along with these tips, I advise to always have a few business cards with you and copies of your resume. Your job does end after the expo is over however, sending the representative you spoke with a thank you email is a great way to stand out and develop a relationship. Meeting professionals can be very intimidating but being prepared can reduce your anxieties, help you make a good first impression, and hopefully get you the position you want!

Courtesy of Google Images and http://www.urbaninterns.com

Written by: Tiffany Cardenas.

Tiffany Cardenas is a junior Mass Communication major, with an Advertising and Interactive Media Minor.  She is the elected PR Chair for Students for Haiti next year, and is currently pledging Gamma Sigma Sigma.

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