My Summer at Rubenstein PR

Going into this past summer, I wanted to experience what it was like to be in the PR world, in a real job in New York City. I wanted to get an idea of what my career, and what my daily routine would be like once I graduated. Interning at Rubenstein Public Relations fulfilled all of those hopes and expectations.

I received the internship in January, and was excited all of spring semester that I was given the chance to intern for such a prestigious agency. Rubenstein PR is known for their extraordinary success in media relations. They are a full-service, mid-sized agency that does it all to build the brand of each of their clients.

I was one of eight interns this summer. Each of us was paired with an associate publicist, who acted as our supervisor. Each supervisor has their own set of clients, and for most of the day-to-day work, that was the set of the clients that each intern worked with. What amazed me and what I appreciated the most was how much they treated us like adults. Each intern sat at their own desk, with their own phone extension, computer and email so that we had all the resources to work, learn and be as helpful as possible. We also got to sit-in and participate in weekly meetings. I learned a lot of great PR skills, some of which included the following: clipping published articles for clients, making media lists from the Cision program and learning how to choose the best outlets for the article to be pitched. I also learned how to write out pitches and then present them to the media outlets on the phone, and make follow-up calls for them. I also wrote memos, edited press releases and learned how to use PRNewswire and most importantly, think like a publicist.

My own set of clients aside, one of the coolest parts of interning for Rubenstein PR was working at the events. When there was an event for any client, all hands were on deck, so all the interns got to work together. I worked a concert in Harlem, the premiere party for the Real Housewives of NYC, an event at Organic Avenue and an event featuring the Find Your Facemate dating website that was hosted by Maria Menounos! I got to see so many different amazing venues in the city, from stores and parks to high-end rooftop bars in the meatpacking district. Plus, I met Miss USA, as we worked on all of her publicity after the pageant. A girl really feels like she’s living the dream when she gets to carry the crown down the elevator, even for just a minute.

I had an amazing summer, and have all of the press passes and memories to prove it. I felt like a “real person” and a real New Yorker, getting on the train every morning and going to work. I can’t thank everyone at Rubenstein enough for the opportunity (shoutout to Dale, my wonderful supervisor) and I can’t wait to get back out there in the city next summer.

Written by Gabrielle Wamboldt

Gabriella Wamboldt is a mass communication major with a leadership minor. 

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