Member of the Week: Maddie Brooks

Name: Maddie Brooks

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication Interest and Public Policy

Hometown: Newark, DE

Activities on campus: PRSSA, Staff Reporter for The Review, Swing Dance Club, InterVarsity

What PRSSA means to me: PRSSA helps me to gain knowledge and become confident in my aspiration to become a public relations professional. I used to be nervous and unsure of what to expect in this field, but PRSSA prepares me tremendously. PRSSA takes classroom knowledge and applies it in a real world, career-focused setting. The speakers, skill slams, and field trips dig deep into public relations practice and cultivate our expertise and professionalism. Because of PRSSA, I am confident I will succeed for the remainder of college and in my career.

Dream job: Doing public relations for a hospital, healthcare organization, or nonprofit organization

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