Why Blog?

By Danielle Andrade

Being young adults who strive to find a career in public relations, we all know the extreme and vital impact of social media in branding. It is especially easy to realize the importance of promotion and presentation for a company or a product that is trying to capture market share and promote itself. The same goes for a celebrity who needs to uphold his or her image and maintain popularity. However, most young adults don’t truly understand the impact of social media in branding themselves.

Regardless, when students come to notice the dwindling amount of time left at school and begin to feel the gravity of future responsibilities upon them, they many times begin to understand and appreciate social media as a platform to market and promote themselves. This is the time when Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn become valuable assets and not merely playgrounds.

While these sites have become widely known and capitalized on, many tend to overlook another form of social media that could be of great value to an aspiring professional: a personal blog.  Some are deterred from creating a personal blog, because they feel that it requires a great deal of effort to set up, maintain and progress. However, by simply using WordPress and creating a relevant domain name, any person can create and personalize their own blog.

Having a blog is an effectual promotional tool because it allows individuals to share stories, experiences, advice, and a piece of themselves with the public. Whereas other social media sights are great mechanisms for keeping people up to date, a blog can allow others to truly catch a glimpse of the person you are and aspire to be through what you chose to share.

If one decides to create a blog, it is important that they have a mission or goal in mind and keep the content of their site relevant. For those of us interested in public relations, a blog could be a place to voice our opinions about current events, issues and trends and an arena to share our own writing, internship, or public relations experiences. In publishing stories online, we are giving others access to a personalized portfolio: most especially, employers.

Having a personalized and professional blog is a great topic to bring up during job interviews. In most cases, an interested employer will take a further look into your work, giving you the opportunity to showcase your experience, writing skills, personality, and initiative to improve. It allows you to promote not just your accomplishments and skills, but you, as an individual. Also, in publishing a blog online, you are giving all employers a chance to view you as a hard working public relations professional and who knows who could view your work or what opportunities could be thrown your way.

Blogging is not for everyone, but give it a try and who knows, maybe you’ll find more than you were even looking for.

Danielle Andrade is a sophomore communications and marketing double major from Oakland NJ. She’s involved in PRSSA, is on the PR and philanthropy team for UDress and is a member of Alpha Phi national sorority. 

Photo credit: Open Government Blog

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