Member of the Week: David Johnson

Name: David Johnson

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Minors: Sociology and Advertising

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Activities on campus: Co-founder and President of Heifer International at UD, Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Disaster Research Center, PRSSA enthusiast

What I hope to get out of PRSSA: My studies have not explicitly prepared me for public relations work.  Thanks to its strong network of students and professionals, PRSSA allows me to meaningfully kindle my passion for strategic communication.   Professional development seminars and diverse guest speakers have hastened my development as an aspiring public relations professional and I eagerly look forward to participating in upcoming events.  I praise PRSSA for helping me immerse myself in the exciting pubic relations field.

Dream job after college: Any position that allows me to use my skills to improve the quality of life of others.  More specifically, I plan on pursuing non-profit work, ideally with the Alzheimer’s Association.  Using public relations skills to accomplish noble tasks inspires me.

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