Drexel PRSSA hosts mixer, PRSSA-UD members attend

PRSSA-UD’s representatives at the March 8 mixer! L-R: Andrea Annal, member, Chelsey Rodowicz, chapter president, Bobby Schrader, public relations director, Jamie Lawlor, programs director, and Laura Hepp, member.

By Bobby Schrader

On Friday, March 8, Drexel PRSSA hosted a mixer for local chapters at The Fieldhouse, a restaurant in Philadelphia. Several Drexel and Temple PRSSA members attended, and five PRSSA-UD members drove up from Delaware to meet and network with others. The night included a small dinner and icebreakers to get to know one another. 

I enjoyed bouncing ideas off each other most of all. I loved hearing how Drexel and Temple run their chapters: for example, Temple PRSSA’s communications committee performs focus groups and surveys to make sure they’re delivering the best PR content and programs to its members. If that isn’t two-way communication, I don’t know what is!

Drexel PRSSA also spoke about some of their plans for the 2013 PRSSA National Conference, which they will host in October. We are excited to help them plan for the conference, specifically with activities, social media posts and outreach. 

After attending these events, I am continually reminded how important it is for students to network with one another and with professionals. Networking not only helps students share ideas and advice with one another, but it also helps build connections for the future. Even if students aren’t specifically looking for opportunities in the area where they’re networking, professionals or even other students might have pre existing connections in the area(s) of interest. It’s invaluable!

I encourage all PRSSA members to participate in at least one activity per month that builds their network. It takes time to foster these connections and to nurture relationships. If students start early enough, they will have established a “spider-web” of a network by the time they start to look for full-time opportunities. The work will pay off!

Bobby Schrader is a senior mass communication major with minors in advertising and journalism. He serves as the public relations director for PRSSA-UD, and participates in the MelUDees Co-ed A Cappella Group, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and the Blue Hen Ambassador program on campus. Follow him on Twitter @BSchrader412 or visit his website at bschrader412.wordpress.com. 


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