Don’t Waste your Time on Twitter, Make your time count!

What was life like growing up without social media? Social media use is habitual to many of us and has become a natural part of our life: we don’t even think about how much time we spend on it because we are so consumed by it.  Social media is probably going to be in our society forever.  The user has the opportunity to decide whether to use social media to enhance their experiences or succumb to the negative components of social media outlets.  I now lay out some advice on how to make the most use of your social media accounts, specifically twitter:

 1. Stay in the Know. Who do you follow on twitter and are these accounts enhancing your twitter experience? Sure, it is fun to follow accounts like “Girl Code” and “Texts from Last Night”, but what knowledge is gained about the world as whole from these accounts? I just started following and NPR News and I already feel more informed! These accounts post links to articles about what is going on in our country and other countries. You will sound more knowledgeable if you have an idea of what is going on in the world.

2. Think Before Tweet. Social media did not exist when our parents were in college. They did not have to worry about someone posting an embarrassing picture of them from a party or posting something themselves that they will regret in the morning. We need to be more responsible because people can watch us without being in our presence. When you post something on social media you are not talking to one person, but hundreds of people with a simple click.

3. Share your Findings. Instead of retweeting something funny that happened at the party last night, retweet an interesting finding you stumbled upon on the Internet. This could be a speech from, a video from YouTube, or an interesting article. Think about how it will impact your audience. I posted a link to 30 Seconds to Mars’ new music video, “City of Angels” because it was moving to me. It shares interviews of stars that live in the spotlight and also aspiring artists it in Hollywood while alternating with the music. It was well directed and gave an inside look of what it is like to live under a microscope. Here is a link to the music video

By: Samantha Lewis

Samantha is a sophomore communication interest and psychology double major. She is currently a member of PRSSA-UD and a research assistant in a psychology lab focused on bullying. Follow her on twitter: @samlauren973


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