A Sterling Silver Winternship

Being at a school with a winter break of an excessive 10 weeks seemed like a perfect opportunity to opt out of laziness and take on an internship. I have spent the last 4 years working at a summer camp and was not willing to give that up just yet so I knew getting a jump start on gaining experience through an internship was ideal for me this winter. As a member of PRSSA-UD since my first semester freshmen year, I was not completely lost when beginning my search this past October. I listened to numerous guest speakers, revamped my resume at an informative Skill Slam, expanded my networking skills, and took note of what professionals look for when hiring. Then, after a Skype interview with my first potential employer, they offered me the internship.

Fast forward to the present where I’m in my fifth week interning at Cynthia Gale (CG), a sterling silver jewelry company in New York City. I have been loving the exposure to all aspects of an independently owned and operated small business. My day-to-day duties range from designing a line plan for our most recent collection, setting up an email blast for an upcoming event or sale, to even running around the city with our stylist finding a wardrobe for a photo shoot. During my time at CG, I have become well rehearsed in telemarketing, I have expanded my skills with InDesign, and I have become more aware of the persistent need for staying up to date on all forms of social media for a company like Cynthia Gale. Working with the CG team, including the designer Cynthia, has been a rewarding experience that PRSSA-UD has prepped me for. I feel more familiar with the working world and I am excited to take on my next job or internship where I will gain more knowledge regarding potential future professions.

By: Allie Kory

Allie is a sophomore communication and psychology double major. She is a member of PRSSA-UD and of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She hopes to pursue a career in the advertising or public relations field.


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