New executive board spotlight: Historian, Elizabeth Coulbourn

Name: Elizabeth Coulbournbetsey
-Class Year: Senior
PRSSA E-Board Position: Historian
-Nickname: Betsey Boodle
– Favorite meal/foods: Breakfast–anything with eggs and sirracha.
– If you could meet anybody, who would it be? Janis Joplin.
– Dream career: To combine my love of public relations, government, policy, journalism, and Islamic studies. Working for a government agency is my dream. 
– Sibling(s): An older brother. 
– Pet(s): A dog named Lucy.
If you could travel anywhere: I would travel somewhere exotic and seclusive, anywhere off the beaten path.
Favorite place to study on campus: I love studying in Purnell.
Guilty pleasure: Two words: frozen yogurt.
– Weird habit: No idea (haha). I don’t think I have one!

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