New executive board spotlight: Assistant Program Director, Katerina Vlitas

– Name: Katerina Vlitasphoto2

– Class year: Sophomore

– PRSSA E-Board Position: Assistant Program Director

– Nickname: I go by Kat for short.

– Favorite meal/foods: My favorite meal is brunch. For Brunch I’d like a nice big (emphasis on big) cup of coffee, with a Belgian waffle with whip cream, fruit and bacon. With a side of  a feta cheese and spinach omlette and home fries ( but only from a dinner back home in Brooklyn). Then for the lunch part of brunch I’d like a grilled cheese and buffalo wings ( from a local bar in Brooklyn).

– If you could meet anyone: If I could meet anyone it would be J.D Salinger.

– Dream career: My dream career would be PR for the President.

– Sibling(s): I have two younger siblings, Evie’s 15 and Nicoletta’s 9.

– Pet(s): No pets, my parents are “allergic.”

– If you could travel anywhere: Bora Bora!

– Favorite place to study on campus: My favorite place to study is the Trabant Chapel.

– Guilty pleasure: My guilty pleasure is anything that airs on the TLC channel.

– Weird fact: I’m not telling you my weird habits #embarrassing.

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