New executive board spotlight: VP of External Affairs, Nicole Sullivan

– Name: Nicole Sullivan
– Class Year: Senior59957_10200576814857781_1177519731_n
– PRSSA executive board position: Vice President of External Affairs
-Nickname: Everyone in high school called me Sully (not after the Monsters Inc. character, but because of my last name). I miss it.
– Siblings: I have a brother who’s four years younger than I am. Although we’re very different from each other, we have a lot in common, including our humor – so I love him.
– Pets: I have a short haired Maltese named Baxter. My friend suggested the name, because of his obsession with Anchorman, to my mom and dad and it stuck.
Favorite meal: Dinner by far, I look forward to it every day! My mom’s pasta is the best, but I also enjoy Pad Kra Pao from my favorite Thai restaurant, as well as really good thin crust pizza.
– If you could meet anybody: I’d really love to meet Emma Stone. She’s extremely witty and I think that we would get along well.
– Dream career: My dream career would be working for television show in one form or another. I love the entertainment industry, so working for a big name corporation either writing or producing would be my ultimate goal.
– If you could travel anywhere: I’d love to go to Italy. I’ve been to Europe once before, but unfortunately did not have the chance to go to Italy and I’m sure it would be amazing.
Favorite place to study on campus: My room believe it or not.
– Guilty pleasure: Bravo. It’s trash TV, but I love it.
– Weird habit: I have to sleep with the door all the way closed or else I can’t sleep at all.

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