#UDPRintern: A Winternship to Remember

My name is Amanda Schuman and I’m a sophomore communications interest major. I have been a member of PRSSA-UD since fall semester of my freshman year, and as someone who wasn’t entirely sure what to be when I grew up, it was a great organization for me to join. PRSSA introduced me to many aspects of the public relations industry, which led me to pursue my first internship in the field this winter.

I currently intern at my old highschool, Golda Och Academy, in its alumni relations department. On my first day, I tweeted about my #winternship. The school’s principal took note of this term, enjoyed it, and now it is sticking. My job involves contacting alumni (my friends) through social media to rally involvement with fundraising and keep the alumni society updated with their accomplishments and milestones.

My first major task was to help promote and plan an annual basketball game of ahashtaglumni vs. the current high school team. This event invites back the last four graduating classes to have brunch with their former teachers and then watch the game. A couple weeks in advance, I was in charge of sending out emails to both alumni and faculty informing them of the event, making a Facebook event and managing the giveaways that were to be handed out.

While discussing the event, I remembered how during the PRSSA-UD networking event, Night With the Pros, a Twitter contest was held to encourage participant engagement on social media. I applied that to the basketball game and created a contest using a hashtag that got alumni talking about the game through social media. My colleagues were impressed with the results and I have PRSSA-UD to thank for that.

On game day, I was in charge of the school’s Instagram account. While I took time to catch up with my friends, I also snapped pictures of alumni and faculty mingling, as well as, action shots of the game. I then had the idea to recreate the famous ‘selfie’ of Ellen Degeneres and other celebrities by having the principal of the school take a selfie with the entire alumni section of the game. This photo managed to get more ‘likes’ than any previous picture on the account.

In the end, it was a win for the alumni team and a win for my winternship.

By: Amanda Schuman

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    Sophomore communications interest major and PRSSA-UD member, Amanda Schuman, is interning at her old high school this winter! Check out her story below.

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