#UDPRintern: 4 Easy Ways to Make The Most of Winter Session

Winter Session at the University of Delaware (also known as #UDWinter) is a great way to get ahead of the game. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a class. The most important part of Winter Session is making the most out of your time, whichever way you choose to spend it.

Here are four major Winter Session paths to choose from:

  1. Take Classes

Aside from the obvious, being a student at the University of Delaware is extremely advantageous to one’s overall success, due to Winter Session. As students, we are given an opportunity to earn up to seven credits while on winter break. These credits can abate the course load for the coming semester, or help to ensure that one graduates on time or even early.

  1. Study Abroad

A traditional study abroad excursion puts one away from his/her home for as long as four months. While this is bearable for some, many students find this to be too overbearing. Lucky for students at the University of Delaware, there is an option to study abroad for one month during its winter session. Additionally, students are still offered a broad range of destinations during this time.

  1. Intern

Whether it is through the University of Delaware or an independent opportunity, finding an internship for Winter Session is an extremely productive use of one’s time. Due to the fact that UD’s Winter Session is two months, companies are more inclined to hire a student who can be there for a longer duration. Even still, during this time period, students can network and prove their abilities in order to attain a summer internship, as well.

  1. Self-improve

For some students, Winter Session is a time for utmost relaxation instead of being completely focused on schoolwork. Winter Session is a great time to give one’s brain a little detox; however, there are many productive activities that do not come with stressful baggage! Working a part-time job, improving one’s overall fitness, volunteering or participating in resume building activities are all great ways to have a dynamic, yet peaceful, Winter Session.

Whatever you choose to do this Winter Session, there is a way to make the most out of it!

By: Morgan Pudimott

Morgan Pudimott is a freshman Communication Interest with a minor in advertising. She is passionate about the field of Public Relations. Morgan plans to continue to become more involved in the blog, and PRSSA itself.


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