#UDPRintern: The 5 Dos and Don’ts of an Interview

Winter break is the perfect time to get ahead in advancing your career by searching for a summer internship. It’s the time to reach out to all those obscure family friends in your industry of choice for references, scour the internet and to tweak your resume. Once all the applications are sent, the next step is an interview. Here are a few tips to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

1. DO bring a copy of your resume. 

This may seem like a no brainer but it is still a must: even if you have already sent the company a copy, you want to make sure you look prepared.

2. DON’T ask the obvious questions. 

Your interviewer will be very unimpressed if you haven’t done your research on the basics of the company. If you ask questions showing you have no clue what the internship will entail, you may come off as not being so interested or motivated to obtain the position.

3. DO ask questions that require thought. 

Before the interview, try to brainstorm specific questions to ask the interviewer that show how seriously you are considering the position. For example, “What have people who previously held the position gone on to do?” or “What do you look for in your ideal candidate?”

4. DON’T speak in clichés or be too vague.

You want to stand out among the other people being interviewed and if you only say generic responses, you will not be memorable. Instead, try speaking about your specific interests and thoughts and avoid just spitting out exactly what you think they want to hear.

5. DO take a deep breath and relax!

While interviews can be stressful, it is important to show the interviewer that you are confident in your abilities and in yourself.

The reality is, you won’t get an offer for every position you interview for. However, by keeping these tips in mind and going in with a smile and firm handshake, you will gain valuable experience about the art of the interview.

By: Amanda Schuman

Amanda is a sophomore communications major with minors in advertising and interactive media. Besides her involvement in PRSSA-UD, Amanda is a member of the PR team for UDress and was recently elected the public relations/communications chair of IsraelU. You can follow her on twitter: @apschuman.

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