Top 5 Tips for Making the Most of the Spring Career Fair

The UD Blog Squad

Written by: Paxton Mittleman

It’s that time of year where students are perfecting their portfolios, practicing their firm handshakes, and picking out their best business-professional attire. What does all of this mean? The annual Spring Career Fair is fast approaching!

Before joining the throngs of students journeying to the Bob Carpenter Center with resumes and business cards in hand, you need to prepare for what’s awaiting you at the fair- after all, students only have a few minutes to make a huge impact on each recruiter they meet. Luckily, the Career Services Center staff has some tips to ensure you walk through the doors of the Big Bob ready to make the most of this year’s fair.

  1. “Do your research.” There are 213 companies participating in Thursday’s fair, but chances are you’ll only have time to visit two or three.   Log into Blue Hen Careers and check out the list…

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