5 Blogging Do’s and Don’ts

If you like writing, or want to sharpen your skills, writing a blog is fun and beneficial. To write a well-organized and purposeful blog, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind!


  1. Don’t use too much content. You do not want to overwhelm your readers. Keep it simple and they’ll be more likely to keep reading!
  1. Don’t clutter your page. Make sure there aren’t too many visual cues, links, or buttons on the page that may distract your reader from the message, or messages, you are trying to convey.
  1. Don’t frame things negatively or speak badly about anything or anyone else. A blog should not be used to express dislike or hatred. Use the power and freedom of expression for good! Spread positivity; the world could always use more of that!
  1. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Blog about something you know enough about. Make sure the content you’re posting is accurate so that your readers will see you as a credible source.
  1. Don’t imitate someone else’s blog. Don’t be a “copycat.” If there’s already a blog about something you want to talk about, engage with the writer and readers of that blog instead. Find something that makes you and your blog different.


  1. Show passion about your topic. Being passionate will reel readers in. Chances are, if you’re passionate about something, your writing will be richer and more interesting for readers. That’ll keep them coming back.
  1. Be specific and consistent about your message and reasoning. Avoid making a blog about nothing. Once you lock down that passion, stick to it! Open up to your readers, tell them why you’re passionate, and then stay true and focused on that passion.
  1. Write regularly. Make sure to keep readers engaged. Try developing a schedule so that your readers can know when to expect a new post. Setting deadlines for yourself will also prove helpful and efficient for maintaining your blog.
  1. Respond to comments/ engage with your readers. It’s crucial to realize that you’re writing for an audience and they matter! Responding to their comments will make them feel included, therefore encouraging them to keep reading!
  1. Use images and provide links where necessary. Pictures grab attention. Keep readers entertained! Following blogs is most often a leisure activity; pictures remind your readers that they’re not reading another boring article. Links help to display how your blog connects to the rest of the world, so be mindful of staying relevant.

By: Sydney Dawson

Sydney Dawson is a junior Mass Communications major and pursuing minors in Advertising and Spanish. She is a first year member of PRSSA-UD, an undergraduate TA for the Spanish Department, and a third year member of the UD Coed Cheerleading Team. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, @syddle3.

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