Making a Difference for All the Difference: Landing the Perfect Internship through PRSSA

We have reached the point in our academic careers where going to class and getting good grades is no longer enough. There is now the added expectation of networking and finding an internship that allows you to apply all that you have learned while acquiring new skills from the professionals you are working with. Though this process can seem daunting, the connections, exclusive opportunities and assistance provided to PRSSA members makes acquiring that perfect internship and crucial professional development skills that much more manageable.

This semester, I began volunteering for a nonprofit in Wilmington called All the Difference. This outpatient clinic provides treatment services and conducts research for children with developmental and sensory disabilities. The organization sought an individual to reconstruct their social media plan and help with crowdfunding research. Though I did not have formal experience in the field, the organization’s mission resonated with me so much that I felt compelled to apply for the position.

Thought I’ve only worked with the organization for a short time, my experience with All the Difference has proved invaluable. Having never formally composed a social media campaign before, I was initially intimidated by the endeavor. While talking to peers with social media experience, I found that I had all of the skills necessary to implement an effective plan; the only thing I lacked was confidence in my abilities. Currently, All the Difference is in the process of implementing my plan to increase traffic on their various social media sites in hopes of obtaining more donations through crowdfunding.

I would not have been able to take IMG_4203advantage of this experience without the help from and resources provided by PRSSA. This opportunity was posted on the PRSSA Facebook Member Forum only because members on the E-board had connections with people in the organization. As a paying member of PRSSA, there are many exclusive opportunities made available at organizations looking specifically for a dedicated PRSSA member. Landing the first internship tends to be the hardest, but the level of professionalism that PRSSA exemplifies to the community positively adds to your credibility and can make you a strong candidate for the position. Having PRSSA on your resume along with exclusive access to internships offers you the recourses necessary to positively impact your overall professional development.

By: Victoria Dellacava

Victoria Dellacava is a sophomore Honors student at the University of Delaware majoring in Interpersonal Communication and minoring in Public Policy, Organizational and Community Leadership and Advertising. In addition to her involvement with PRSSA and All the Difference, Victoria is a violinist in UD’s Symphony Orchestra. Follow her on twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn!

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