2015 Fall Field Trip: A Visit to Karma Agency

Last week 12 members from our PRSSA chapter took a trip to Karma Agency, a content agency in Philadelphia, PA.  Assistant program director, Jamie Levy, did an excellent job of organizing this amazing opportunity for our chapter.  From start to finish, the experience was so enjoyable and informational.  Upon arriving to Karma, we were greeted and warmly welcomed by Craig and then joined by CEO, Kate Allison.


Craig proceeded to give us a tour of the Karma Agency office space.  From the beautiful window views, to the newly finished in-office staircase, to the fun wall art, our group was left completely impressed by the space.  We were even more impressed though, by the staff and the work that they do at Karma.  After being given an excellent tour of the space, we were seated and joined by several Karma staff members for a presentation.  They even provided us with a taste of Philadelphia: delicious soft pretzels and mustard for every pallet.  How generous, right?!  The presentation gave us so much insight on what it would be like to work at an agency like Karma.

Karma usually works with around 15-20 clients at a time but makes a point to establish a relationship and become a partner to each, rather than a vendor.  From partnerships with King of Prussia Mall to Lincoln Financial, Karma’s 36 full-time employees cover work with a diverse group of clients.  They mentioned their unique ability to cross-pollinate ideas as a result. It’s so cool that within the PR field, you can cover so many different industries.

Kate and the other Karma employees were so generous with their advice and answered all of our questions.  Kate mentioned that the best advice that she could give us was to remember that working in the PR industry is a team sport.  “If you’re in it to win it for yourself, you’re going to lose,” she told us.  Listening to the staff speak and share their experiences, it was evident to us that the Karma team works with this mindset.

Photo Source: Julie Millisky
Photo Source: Julie Millisky

Our group learned so much from this trip to Karma Agency.  In addition to learning what it would be like to work at a place as awesome as Karma, we also learned more about being successful in general within the field of PR.  One piece of advice that was repeated and stood out during our visit was to love what you do.  The staff at Karma clearly loves doing what they do within the field and left us feeling inspired to achieve the same.

Thank you Kate Allison and all of Karma Agency for having us and lending your knowledge and experience! We appreciated and enjoyed every second of our visit.

Contribution by: Emma Cheetham

Emma Cheetham is a junior English major with a minor in journalism.  She is a general member of PRSSA-UD.  Follow along with her personal blog, Grand Slams & Glitter: http://grandslamsandglitter.blogspot.com


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