“LinkedIn Learning” Skill Slam Recap

So many young people try to focus on growing their social media brand through Twitter and Instagram that some people—especially freshman like me—do not even know about LinkedIn. If they do know about it, there is somewhat of an art in navigating it the right way. A direct connection with professionals around the world is very important. It made sense when the majority of our PRSSA chapter voted for our first Skill Slam of the year to be a chance for us to learn about how to manage and dominate the networking site.

Victoria Dellacava, our VP of Professional Development, catered to all members of our PRSSA chapter by starting with the basics—but not stopping there. With a Prezi presentation as her sidekick, Victoria led us through the characteristics of a quality headshot, professional background, and how exactly connections work. She incorporated what seemed like common ideas with her own personal experiences and tips that she had picked up.

victoria pres
Photo source: Paxton Mittleman, via @BlueHenPaxton

Linkedin came across as a professional social media platform that is perfect for networking. Being consistent and professional is so necessary in having a well-done profile. Victoria and her fellow executive board members emphasized the importance of starting early and staying active. Building off the basics is all we need to do. There are so many ways to highlight my talents that I would not have known about without Victoria’s presentation, from posting work samples to letting everyone know what classes I am taking. Everything blends well together to let people get a genuine picture of who I am.

Thank you Victoria for giving a great, informative presentation. I think it is safe to say that this Skill Slam was a real game-changer for some of us. LinkedIn is now in its rightful place in my favorites tab, right next to Twitter.

Contribution By: Casey Irwin

Casey Irwin is an Illinois girl who’s loving the Delaware world as a freshman communications interest major. Casey is a general member of PRSSA-UD and SCPAB-UD, while also being a Delaware Diplomat. Check her out on Linkedin and Twitter @Caseyirwin97


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