Creative Uses of PR

Tweet and They’ll Eat

Recently, popular restaurant chains including Chili’s, Burger King, Arby’s and more, have been targeting younger audiences with whit and humor rather than the typical “have it your way” advertising. Restaurant PR reps rely on common social media trends to attract hungry customers, whether it be through a funny vine, or viral tweet. Burger King has racked in Twitter fans with creative replies to followers including “ride or die for chicken fries” and “squad goals.”

Team Mom

Team Mom a creative way for moms to share their parenting wisdom with one another. The program is an award-winning division of Child’s Play Communications. It specializes in publicity and marketing communications for products and services designed for kids and moms. Team Mom members feature a select group of passionate, leading mom bloggers who are recognized and praised for honestly voicing their thoughts and opinions on various aspects of parenting. Members become the first moms in town to hear about hot deals on the newest toys and children’s products. (

Instagram screams for Ice Cream

capture euphoria
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America’s favorite ice cream brand, Ben and Jerry’s, recently implemented a campaign that’s attracting ice cream lovers everywhere. The company ran a pseudo-Instagram photo contest that attracted their 120,000 Instagram followers like flies. To enter, fans had to use the hashtag “#captureeuphoria” to an Instagram photo that defined the tag in their own personal way. Between now and January, about 20 photos will be chosen. The winning pictures will be featured in local newspapers, bus stations, and billboard ads. The campaign is a way to give customers the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity.   (

Cater to the People

The best marketing or advertising success stories are the ones that feature real people, and real stories that will speak to people. Whether it be Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, or the “Like A Girl” Always ad that brought millions to tears, people in PR have the ability to touch the lives of others.

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The most recent fad seems to be the viral Extra Gum commercial that pulled at the world’s heartstrings with its touching story of a couple who owed much of their relationship to none other than gum wrappers. Although the concept seemed cheesy, it won the hearts of millions and gave the world an entirely new respect for the gum. In this day and age, it’s what’s going to make the boy or girl scrolling through twitter stop for a minute and laugh, cry, or smile; it’s creating something that will give them a lasting positive impression of the product and make their days a little brighter.

Contribution By: Katie Constantine

Katie Constantine is a freshman Communications interest major with a passion for writing and advertising. Katie is a new member of PRSSA who hopes to learn and experience as much as she can. She is also a member of the 49 News Team at UD. Follow her on twitter @Special_K27!

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