“Blogging Like a PRo” Skill Slam Recap

Members of PRSSA-UD gathered on Monday, November 16th to hear an inspirational and informative Skill Slam conducted by our Vice President of Professional Development Victoria Dellacava. The experience of a Skill Slam is one that engages students to improve their professional voice and appearance, but also one that gives them confidence. As a new member of PRSSA, I can personally say that students feel more inspired to learn and become more of a professional after a chapter meeting.

The skill slam “Blogging Like a ‘Pro’” outlined the benefits of having and maintaining a blog. Victoria started the presentation by expressing that, “Having a solid writing foundation is pivotal”. Members learn that technical skills may be taught, but what is not necessarily taught is how to be a good writer. Some of the best writers are those who are great readers.

Students should fill their blogs with pieces that they are interested in, to show a sense of personality. If you are not excited about the piece you are writing about, chances are that you should pick a more engaging topic that appeals to you. Blogs should express who you are as a person, but simultaneously be professional.

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Victoria engaged members by sharing a reoccurring piece of advice she has heard throughout her experiences: “PR is storytelling; take that story and make it your own”. Use buzzwords in your piece, so that when those words are searched, your piece may be found. Maintaining a blog gives a student the ability to become more than just a resume, greater than a bunch of words on a single sheet of paper.

This meeting brought together members to help them improve their blogging skills, but also to share their wisdom to influence and guide other members. PRSSA-UD creates Skill Slams that engage students in the chapter and make them feel important and professional. The Skill Slam is a conversation between members and it is always open for discussion and further assistance is always available. The experience of being in this chapter is one that allows members to bounce ideas off one another, always making it an interactive and fun involvement.


By: Kaitlin Vienne

Kaitlin is a sophomore Marketing major with minors in International Business and Advertising. She is a general member of PRSSA-UD, a social media marketing intern for UD’s Career Services Center, and the programming chair for Greek Council. Follow her twitter @KaitlinVienne or connect with her on LinkedIn!


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