How to Make the Most of an Internship-less Summer Break

Summer is a big conversation topic as soon we pick out our spring schedules. Most of this comes from the pressure of finding the perfect internship that will jump start your career because that seems to be what sets people apart more so than any perfect GPA. Some of us, whether we be freshman or seniors and by choice or not, are not taking on an internship this summer. Summer gives you the time to finally get things done, and here is what you can do to make the most of it:


Almost every PR professional, when asked for advice, tells people to read. This is the easiest thing you could do this summer in order to stay up to date and learn further for the school year ahead. Options extend from full novels to just picking up the New York Times every morning. Every word counts.


            One of the most powerful companions to reading is writing. Starting a blog or returning your focus to your old one will definitely give you something to show for your summer. It will set you apart from future competition while teaching you the best blogging and social media practices. Being away from your school friends will give you time to reflect on yourself and what you want your personal brand to be.

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Photo Source: Casey Irwin

Get Ahead

Just about anything you do that does not include several hours of Netflix could be considered getting ahead. Take an online class or jump on those scholarship applications with due dates that will be here before you know it. If you are really bummed about not having an interview, it is also never too early to start thinking about next summer.

Make your own “Internship”

Just because you may be working as a cashier or barista this summer does not mean that you cannot relate that to future careers. Ask your boss to put you in touch with whoever runs the company’s social media. Even just an information interview could teach you a summers worth of information. Reach out to the different departments at your job in order to explore all positions or find out other ways to get involved.

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you are making the most of your time. Just remember to enjoy your summer break before you enter the break-less workforce!


Contribution by: Casey Irwin

Casey Irwin is a freshman communications interest major who can’t imagine life anywhere but on the east coast after coming to Delaware from Chicago. Casey is the new Diversity Director of PRSSA and food-obsessed writer for Spoon University. Check her out on Linkedin and Twitter @Caseyirwin97



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