#UDatNC: PRSSA-UD Takes Indy for National Conference


Eight cups of coffee and one layover later, PRSSA-UD arrived in Indianapolis for the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference. Despite lugging around bags full of blazers and business cards, our eyes remained wide with excitement. What goes down at a national conference? We are grateful to be able to answer that question.


So Many Sessions, So Little Time

You might assume that the first thing PRSSA-UD did after a long day of traveling was nap. You would be wrong. As soon as hotel rooms were ready, everyone was looking over the schedule of sessions for the weekend. Decisions were made in order to divide and conquer and hear as many speakers as possible. Throughout the weekend, our chapter’s attendees would take copious notes and then reunite as an executive board to compare what we had just learned.


Sessions ranged from a “mini film festival” on Corporate Social Responsibility, learning how to prepare for crises, and internship advice from the “Intern Queen” herself, Lauren Berger. National conference allowed us face-to-face time with accomplished and motivated professionals from all over the nation. We were allowed to ask questions about the profession and life in general, and were met with thought-provoking answers and advice.


Not Your Average Career Fair 

In addition to attending a variety of sessions, our chapter attended both a resume-critique workshop and a career fair. However, this wasn’t just another ballroom filled with recruiters. The career fair was full of professionals, companies and graduate schools that we had actually heard of,  pertained to our future and that we all already researched for fun (yes, clearly we’re PR nerds.) We had conversations with employers who genuinely wanted to hear our interests and help guide us in the right directions.


Indy Has What?!

In our off-time, when we weren’t networking and adding new friends on LinkedIn, our PRSSA-UD chapter explored downtown Indianapolis. Because of my desire to watch the World Series, we went to restaurants and locations we wouldn’t have otherwise. We honestly didn’t know what to expect in Indianapolis- but after a few meals we all agreed the food is delicious, the stores are trendy and the location is full of wonderful history. Did you know that fancy restaurants can have bowling alleys and dutch babies taste delicious covered with apples and popcorn? We’re bringing that back with us to Delaware. prssanc2


From an Executive Board to Sisters

Throughout PRSSA-UD’s entire trip to Indianapolis for national conference, one thing became clear: we sincerely love our chapter. Though a lot of time was spent with our faces buried in our phones to live-tweet, we grew so much closer and made memories to last a lifetime.

Watch out world- this group of PR enthusiasts are coming for you… and we’re focused,  passionate and have a growing network of similar friends across the nation.



Brittany O’Connell is a junior interpersonal communication major with a minor in advertising and passion for public relations. She is a Social Media Ambassador on her UD-branded Twitter account @BlueHenBrittany, a Social Media Marketing Intern for Career Services, and the PR Director for PRSSA-UD.


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