Skill Slam: 6 Pro-Tips on Clinching Your Next PR Internship or Job


On November 14th, PRSSA-UD met with Vice President Victoria Dellacava for six tips on how to get coveted PR internships and jobs.


Pro-Tip #1: Take Advantage of Your Resources

There are hundreds of different job and internship databases that have thousands of openings. At times this can be overwhelming. To make your task less daunting, look for sites that focus on the specific types of PR that interest you, such as Idealist, a site that posts non-profit opportunities. Take advantage of different filters within job sites to narrow your options. Don’t be afraid to click through a site because you never know what you could find.


Pro-Tip #2: Reach Out to Your Professors, Mentors, Peers, and Professional Centers

Often, the key to getting the perfect internship comes through connections. Talking to people can create career opportunities. This does not necessarily mean shoving your business card in the face of everybody you meet, but distinguishing yourself from other faces in the crowd or names on a list.


Pro-Tip #3: Look Up a Brand’s PR Releases to Find Their Agency

If you have a specific brand in mind that you want to work with or for, look up their PR releases to find out what agency they use. Once you gather this information, don’t be afraid to reach out to see if you can set-up an informational interview or learn about their internship process.


Pro-Tip #4: Stay Organized!!

It can get chaotic when you desperately want that internship and you are applying to twelve different companies and agencies hoping one of them sees something in you. Create a spreadsheet with all of your deadlines and what you have completed for different companies. Nothing would be worse than missing a deadline for an agency you want to work for and that actually wants you.


Pro-Tip #5: Sending Your Application

Unless the company or agency specifically says to NOT send a cover letter, you should to show your personality and commitment to that company. Pay attention to the application instructions because one of the easiest ways to get rid of applicants is by discarding the applications that were not submitted to the right person or in the proper form.


Pro-Tip #6: Let Your Voice Shine Through

Companies aren’t looking for a lifeless robot to work for them, so be yourself in your application, especially in your cover letter. Just make sure that the way you are presenting yourself is consistent with the vibe of the company.


Also make sure to check out Danny Rubin’s (@DannyHRubin) book Wait, How Do I Write This Email? for crafting emails for every scenario.


Jenna Newman is a freshman Communication Interest and International Relations double-major with a focus on African development and a Disability Studies Minor. When she’s not at PRSSA meetings you can find her hanging out at the BSM House, volunteering with Autism Speaks U, or posting on her blog






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