#ImportanceofPR Music Public Relations


One avenue of public relations that I find we rarely discuss in PRSSA is music. However, a huge chunk of all the music you love is due to a public relations and publicity team.

So what is music public relations and why is it useful?

Music public relations involves promoting new releases, tour dates, and/or other music-related news. Agencies strategically get information to the public via the media and work between musicians (sometimes labels) and the media to try and secure album reviews, band profiles, concert reviews, and more. For instance, online promotions and social media can be used to work with popular blogs and online influencers. So that Pitchfork article on your Facebook feed talking about the next artists you should have on your radar? A public relations professional was most likely behind that.

Most music PR is done on a campaign basis. For instance, a PR company may be hired for a set window of time for an album release where they will try to generate as much press as possible. This is also done often with tours. pexels-photo-167491Agencies will do a round of press for the tour and individual dates. Then, at the end of the campaigns, PR companies issue a report with press clippings of all the coverage that the album, single, or tour received.

In some cases, agencies also work with college and club radio promotion. This is used to get an on-air play and mentions with radio stations geared at specific markets.

So why is music public relations beneficial? If artists are sure of their mission, goals, and budget, PR can help them increase their audience and make money. Realistically, a first release will most likely not get reviewed in every major publication and lead to world-wide fame and fortune. But, when an artist has built their brand and is ready to share their project with a good promotional angle, PR can be a game-changer.

Musicians gain someone to send our their music, tour dates, and news to the media. And while PR cannot guarantee exposure and good reviews, artists have someone to follow-up with multitudes of media who want to try to convince them they deserve coverage. Musicians gain a partner who saves them time, has a variety of well-established contacts, and allows them to accomplish goals they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. When done right, music PR ultimately allows for growth in all areas and a professional, supportive relationship with someone who is there for them.

So three cheers for music public relations that is done right! The might who are dedicated to bringing you good music, helping deserving artists achieve visibility, and making the world and overall rocking place.


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