15 Firsts for the PR Student


On Monday, October 19th, Meredith Z. Avakian, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Philadelphia Bar Association, came in to talk to PRSSA-UD about how she went from a PRSSA student to where she is today. She told us about how for the last 20 months she has been doing a “first” everyday. In honor of this, I have compiled a list of 25 “firsts” for any aspiring PR professional.

(1) Create a LinkedIn profile and make connections.

(2) Apply for that dream internship– even if you think you won’t get it.

(3) Talk to someone who is different than you.

(4) Ask the professor you admire if they would be willing to get coffee with you.

(5) Start your own blog.

(6) Re-vamp your Instagram to reflect your passions.

(7) Tweet to your dream company.

(8) Take the interview you’re not sure about.

(9) Talk to the person next to you in your Communications class.

(10) Take a class on a topic you’re passionate about.

(11) Get professional-looking headshots for your LinkedIn profile.

(12) Upload your resume to a job/internship database site.

(13) Visit Career Services.

(14) Participate in your first Twitter Chat!

(15) Talk to someone who looks interesting at your favorite coffee shop.

Growth comes from firsts! Don’t be afraid to go out and do something new! That one tweet could end up landing you the dream job you’ve wanted since you were five-years-old. The only way to ensure failure is by not even going out and trying. Each day provides a fresh start to do something new!



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