Living the PR Dream: A Day at Ketchum NYC


Ketchum. One of the most well known, well respected PR agencies in the industry. Some argue even the best. Through networking with alumni, PRSSA-UD was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the New York office on Friday, and the experience was nothing less than amazing.  Located on the Avenue of the Americas, it is evident that the lively energy of one of New York City’s most famous streets is translated into the company’s office. Just by walking through Ketchum’s door, it was easy to feel the sense of community and the overwhelming creativity that floods the hallways of the vibrant office.

Our visit began with an overview of the company, given by one of the  HR representatives. Next, we were greeted by Mr. Ronnie Tolson, one of the company’s Creative Platforms Managers. Ronnie gave us a detailed description of the summer fellowship program at Ketchum and gave us even more insight into the close-knit company culture. After meeting with Ronnie, we were introduced to the lively, energetic Kelly Kenny, the company’s Strategic and Creative Planning Specialist. It was with Kelly that we had opportunity of taking part in a real-life brainstorm activity for one of the company’s clients. This activity gave us priceless insight into one of the most important aspects of consumer Public Relations, finding the “big idea”. We learned that inspiration for brand awareness can come from anywhere, but working with a team and bouncing ideas off of one another is not only fun, but extremely productive.

After meeting with these three employees, it is easy to see that Ketchum chooses to fill its positions with only the most unique, compassionate, and creative individuals. I think all of us who attended the event can say that this field trip was nothing less than an honor. To be able to see Ketchum in action, in real time, rather than reading about its practices in a textbook, was sincerely a one of a kind experience for PRSSA-UD.


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