Time at Tipton


Over this past semester, I interned at Tipton Communications, a full-service marketing communications agency that specializes in strategic internal communications, public relations, certification support and content marketing solutions for corporations, hospitals, and healthcare systems nationwide. I served as the co-director of Tipton’s student-run public relations agency, providing much-needed support to local nonprofit organizations in Delaware. I also served as a social media communications specialist for Tipton’s clients.

My experience at Tipton has been different in comparison to previous internships. This was my first time feeling autonomous at a company. Since managing the student-run firm was my main responsibility, the work was very hands on. I was required to participate in the process of client acquisition, perform social media audits, design social media strategies, and tend to client’s needs at all times. Therefore, my day to day routine constantly changed.

My co-director, Kelly, and I brainstormed ideas to pitch clients, worked with their design team to create visually appealing content, optimized social media plans, drafted press releases, created online marketing campaigns, and more. Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.54.17 PMWe were given the liberty to execute these projects on own timeline and without much supervision. Tipton’s CEO, Dan Tipton, requested that we take the reins on all our projects, making the internship a continual learning process.

Typically, interns are responsible for a lot of administrative and organizational work to help the higher-level employees function more smoothly. It is rare that interns can actively participate in strategy development for clients, which is the aspect that interests me most. My passion for PR stems from the development of creative messages and strategies that have lasting effects on clients, communities, and corporations. Tipton gave me that opportunity, which was the best part. I was able to express my creativity through the projects assigned, essentially aiding the company to achieve effective communication and form mutually beneficial relationships.

My time at Tipton was unique, because of the rarity to obtain so much decision-making power at an agency at such a young age. In the PR world, many employees don’t manage clients until they’ve reached the Account Executive status, so having this experience as a senior in college is invaluable. I am extremely grateful to Tipton Communications for helping me grow as an aspiring PR professional. I will continue to apply and develop the knowledge and skills gained from my time there throughout my post-grad life.

Tyler Nolley is a PR enthusiast double majoring in interpersonal communication and Spanish with a minor in advertising at UD. Connect with her on Twitter- @tyler_nolley and LinkedIn.


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