Becoming Inventors in PR


University of Delaware’s Public Relations Student Society of America had the pleasure of Skyping with Adam Ritchie at our general meeting on Monday December 4, 2017 at 5pm. Ritchie is the principle of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse and he shared with us his presentation on “Invention in PR.” We were honored to host such a successful business professional considering his company has won awards such as, the PRSA Bronze Anvil Award, Marcom Platinum Award, and the Hermes Creative Innovation Award, to name a few. As a graduate of Syracuse University, he is also the owner of “A-ritch-brand: a communications team with ri(t)ch experience, helping brands tell ri(t)ch stories.” His company is solely himself and his receptionist. He impressively brainstorms ideas that only he comes up with. As he skyped with us, he was walking on a sort of “treadmill desk” contraption that allows workers to walk and work as it keeps track of the worker’s miles. He told us about his event designed for social media posts which promoted a Boston rock band’s album, T.R.I.P., on a beer can. The event partnered with the Untappd drinking app which allows users to share which brew they’re currently enjoying and who they’re enjoying it with. This allowed for a large amount of publicity for Ritchie’s client. This was just one campaign for one client, but Ritchie explained to us that it can be done for other clients as long as there are food and drink companies to partner with. When it came time for our members to ask Ritchie questions, Ritchie explained to us that sometimes clients ask to approve his pitch. Ritchie believes in not letting them see the pitch unless it’s a fake detailed one in order to make sure the company is comfortable with the language being used. It was a great time listening to Ritchie and you can contact him here:

Marissa DiGiacomo is currently a sophomore communications interest major here at UD,
looking to become involved with a career in multimedia journalism and/or public relations.


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