Media List Creation 101


Having just started my first Public Relations internship at AB&C, I quickly came to understand the importance of media lists in day to day activities at a typical PR firm. They are the means by which all communication with media outlets survive. They come in all shapes, they come in all sizes, and they come with all different goals in mind. They need to be updated consistently and organized with meticulous care.

Because I had entered into my journey at AB&C having made only small, mock media lists, I wanted to share some helpful insights with our members that I wish I had known just a few months ago when I was tasked with making my very first, real-life media list.

In short, here’s what I shared:

  • A media list is is a document of the key media contacts who would be interested  in your story.
  • The creation of your media lists needs to start by pinpointing who your target audience to determine which mediums (TV, web, print, radio, etc) and specific publications you will be targeting.
  • You need to conduct research into the reporters that cover stories in your beat.
  • A media list is typically organized using an Excel sheet with columns outlining the first and last name of the reporter/editor, the publication they work for, their contact information (phone, email, etc.), their social media handles, and the beats they typically cover.

Being the Vice President of Professional Development for PRSSA-UD, I feel that it is important to create Skill Slams that not only focus on getting a job or internship, but also on the real life tasks you will be completing  once you land that dream position. Having our members physically create their own media list at the first Skill Slam of this semester is something I know that our members will carry with them into the PR careers. Exercising the technical skills of the industry will truly familiarize our members with the realities of PR, which will not only make them confident in their knowledge of how to do their jobs, but will make them stand out in a crowd – or stack of resumes.  

Anastasia is a Junior Interpersonal Communications Major who serves as PRSSA-UD’sVice President of Professional Development. In addition to PRSSA, she is also a Sister of Chi Omega. She says, “PRSSA has been an amazing resource to turn to when I have needed any kind of professional advice.”


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