#Interns101: How Joining PRSSA Enabled Me to Feel Prepared for My Internship


This past summer, I had the privilege of being a public relations intern at The Syndicate, an entertainment marketing agency in Weehawken, New Jersey. This was the first real internship I’ve ever had, so there were obvious nerves that came with it. I can definitely say I would not have been able to successfully complete this internship and feel as prepared as I did if I had not joined PRSSA.

Before joining PRSSA, I did not even have a resume. Through the mentor-mentee program offered in our chapter, I met amazing upperclassman students who were able to help me. They had gone through what I was currently going through and gave me advice to point me in the right direction and feel confident in my abilities. My mentor helped me create my resume, LinkedIn, and further develop my online presence.

A UD and PRSSA alumna, Brittany O’Connell currently works at The Syndicate and was an intern there last summer. I knew we had the similar interest of working in the music/entertainment industry and knew she loved her internship there. I applied, went through an interview process, and ended up getting the internship! I worked alongside Brittany all summer which was so fun and amazing to see how much she has grown already post-graduation. It was great to learn from her and see a real-life example of how far you can come in this industry in such a short amount of time. I would not have heard about this agency if not for knowing Brittany from joining PRSSA and being on the executive board with her. It was such an amazing experience and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work there, and especially with her, this summer!

Besides forming connections as a way to help in internship opportunities, PRSSA really helped me have the ability to feel prepared and comfortable going into my internship. I have learned such valuable skills through our skill slams and the speakers who have come to our meetings. Whether it was how to answer interview questions, what to wear to an interview, learning basic public relations terminology, how important it is to form connections, and ultimately how to become successful in this industry, I have taken everything I have learned thus far and applied it while working at this internship.

After completing this internship, I know doing PR in the music/entertainment industry is something I definitely want to pursue. It’s great that I was able to have this opportunity to verify my interest in this field. I’m excited to be able to take what I’ve learned this summer back to my chapter and share my knowledge and experience with younger students, just like what was done for me!

Morgan Zysman is currently a senior majoring in media communication with minors in advertising and journalism.To connect with her, follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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