How You Can Find a Job on Twitter: A Chat with Erica Nardello of Digitas Health 


“You’re never going to get a job looking on Twitter,” Erica Nardello’s father told her while she was searching for her first opportunity after graduating from UD with a B.S. in Marketing in 2009. However, the now Senior Manager of Social Strategy for Digitas Health laughs that she found, applied, and accepted a position at the company after seeing a job posting on their Twitter. This past Monday, our PRSSA-UD members had the honor of hearing Erica’s advice about interviewing and then succeeding in future careers.

For those who may not know, Digitas Health specializes in purposeful healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing that works, along with its mission, to help and not sell and create deeper connections between consumers and professional customers. Digitas Health is a member of the world’s largest healthcare communications network, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, making it an even greater honor to learn from the best.

Her valuable knowledge (and hilarious use of gifs) kept us engaged and motivated for our futures in the industry. Below are her tips for successful interviewing and excelling in the job:

1. Do the research: Know your facts about the company, including their mission and client work, by reading up on their website and social media (and maybe you’ll find an opportunity on their Twitter like Erica did)! Part of doing the research involves preparing for potential interview questions and coming up with your own questions to ask the interviewer and show your interest.
2. Demonstrate your work ethic: Talk about how you put in the work to get things done, instead of just listing off your accomplishments. Speak to your values and how they related to the projects you worked on!
3. Back it up with data: Of course, it’s super effective to prove your success with numbers, but you also need to illustrate why they were important to making a difference in previous positions. If you have a copy of the analytical information from social media posts you made, for example, that would make an impact in your interview.
Excelling at the job:
4. Sign up for more responsibilities: Say yes to all the opportunities at your internship to make a difference, grow, and learn more about an area of public relations you haven’t explored yet (corporate/internal communications, account management, etc)!
5. Try a side hustle: Explore opportunities that fuel your passions, like freelancing or volunteering. The experiences will help you build your skill set in more ways than you know!
6. Find mentors: Erica says that she would not be where she is today without her mentors who guided her along her career journey and advocated for you. Sign up for our Mentor-Mentee program when you see the email to have this experience in PRSSA-UD!
7. Use your skills to give back: Whether this is volunteering for a non-profit or using your work to make a difference in the world (such as working on healthcare clients like Erica), it’s so rewarding to give back and help others.
Currently, Erica hosts CreativeMornings Philadelphia (, a monthly breakfast series for creative types, while working at Digitas and serving as a UD Career Acceleration Network Advisor (UD CAN). Sign up for to connect with Erica for even more advice on career paths in advertising and marketing, plus résumé feedback! And thank you Erica for all of your fantastic advice and for sharing your experiences with us.

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