What I Learned From Lauren Hess


Lauren Hess, a University of Delaware and PRSSA alumni joined us on Monday, October 22 to discuss her position at Bloom Daily Planners. Lauren is the Director of Social Media and Partnerships. It was insightful that Lauren had graduated only in 2016 and has already worked her way to such a successful position. She is in charge of Bloom’s social media which includes tasks such as creating content for posts, pitching ideas for giveaways, and holding creative meetings each week to plan content for the upcoming week among Bloom’s social media platforms.

Keeping Bloom’s social media up-to-date is not an easy task and requires a lot of creativity. Especially with a growing company like Bloom that has 81,000 followers on all their social media combined, it is crucial to stay creative and relevant.

This includes campaign creations- for example, Lauren and her social media team created “Bloom Productivity Week” which consisted of a new post every day that included tips on how to stay motivated to ensure a productive week. Each post featured a Bloom product with helpful tips on how to be the most productive version of yourself.

Lauren has also already been planning future campaigns such as “Thanksgiveaway” where Lauren and her team will be posting different giveaways during the holiday season. This is a creative way to keep their social media audience engaged in their brand, as well as show customer appreciation.

Lauren stressed customer appreciation and women’s empowerment were at the core of what Bloom stands for, which I found inspiring. It is refreshing to see a company care for its consumers and have a mission to help women become the best versions of themselves. Hearing from a young recent college graduate who is dedicated to a job she loves was refreshing and encouraging!


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