A Chat with Joey Silver: General Meeting Recap


On March 18th, Joey Silver, a UD alumnus, joined us via skype. He discussed his time at UD and what he was involved with on campus, his past experiences, and his current position as a Data Account Manager at PINCHme.

Joey said what makes him unique and sets him apart from others is how he took advantage of his time at UD. He did this by being a part of a variety of clubs and organizations on campus. He told us to do the same and to do as much as we can in order to make ourselves unique and to get the most experience that we can while we are still students.

Joey gave us great interview, career, and professional advice. His valuable knowledge and positive attitude kept everyone engaged and eager to learn from him. Below are his interview tips and early career advice.

Interview Tips:

  • Eliminate “like” and “um”
    • Using these words, or any other crutch words, will affect how people perceive you. You always want to have mindful communication, especially during an interview, so that you are communicating the best version of yourself and appear confident.
  • Know the answers to the “basic” questions
    • For example: tell me about yourself, why should we hire you, why do you want to work here, etc.
    • These are questions that are almost, if not always asked. These are questions you have time to prepare for before-hand. Since they are expected, your answers to these questions should be perfected.
  • Align your answers with the job description and requirements
    • You should try to use the same wording used in the descriptions to describe yourself and your abilities. Do not make it completely word-for-word, but make sure you are definitely showing you have the skills and abilities the company is looking for.
  • Look the part
    • Whether you are in person or interviewing over video, the way you dress will affect how you portray yourself, how you will act and how you will speak. Be the best dressed in the room and you will feel more confident in yourself, too.
  • Smile!
    • A smile goes a long way. First impressions are half the battle. You should look like you want to be there. An enthusiastic person is someone people are going to want to work with, so make sure that person is you!

Early Career Advice:

  • Always say yes!
    • When first starting out, always be willing to jump in and help out. Be the first one to raise your hand to volunteer. This will help you be more present, set an impression, learn the most that you can, and leave a positive memory. This will lead you to become the “go-to” person for future help on projects!
    • Dress-Code
      • At your interview, read the room of what other people are wearing. You want to be overdressed at the interview, but if (and when) you get the job, dress how everyone else does.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
      • Ask your peers, supervisors, managers, even CEO’s. Have questions ready for the higher-up people.
      • Most people in the room have the same question as you, but are afraid to ask.
    • Get to know other people in the office, even if you don’t necessarily work with them.
      • Use breaks as an opportunity to start conversations with people in different departments that you don’t normally work with or see day-to-day.

Thank you, Joey, for sharing your experiences, giving us fantastic advice and important professional tips. I definitely feel more confident and prepared going into the next chapter of my life! Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn if you have any questions!IMG_1088.jpeg


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