Remote PR Firms: Just a Phase or a Long-Term Trend

0FDC8828-72FC-42AC-B665-FAECEDE87A22.JPG By: Jenna Newman

This past August, I began to intern at a fully remote PR firm. Okay, so what does that actually mean? Essentially, the firm has no one office or no one location that everything is based out of. Our “markets” listed on the website are Scottsdale, New York City and Los Angeles. All big ticket names that would get potential clients interested in who we are and what we have to offer. But all of the employees themselves are based all across the country. I was going to structure this post as a pros and cons of a remote firm, but I’ll be honest, I’m totally sold. So here are some of the reasons that I think this is a brilliant idea and why I am beyond #blessed to work for this type of firm.

Remote PR firms help with connecting with clients, media and influencers all across the country because you have people that understand all of the various markets. In the PR Writing class that I’m in right now, our professor constantly drills into us that PR is all about relationships. By having employees spread out across the United States, you have people who know Philadelphia inside and out, as well as people who know Seattle or Portland the same way. This can be a massive game-changer in getting that perfect coverage for larger clients who have a national focus and target. 

The biggest, and I believe most obvious advantage of working remote, is that you can work from literally anywhere with an internet connection. That is huge for me! I am the type of person that works best in coffee shops or anywhere with other people around me also doing work. I recently had one of my most productive work days on a plane flying out to San Diego! I believe that this does only apply to a specific person. You need to have the self-discipline where you can just sit down in a space where you can focus and get things done in that space. To relate it back to college – if you can’t handle an online class, a remote job is probably not for you.


Okay, so I’ve gone on and on about why this is amazing, but let me take a step back and talk about one of the challenges I’ve noticed thus far in the world of remote work: Being able to close the laptop and stop working at the end of the day. When the world is your office, it’s hard to leave at the end of the day. It’s important to find those places that you work efficiently, but also have those spaces that work isn’t allowed. Those places that at the end of the working day you can go and have a break. We aren’t meant to work constantly and it’s important to find that balance, especially your whole office is always at your fingertips.

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