My Takeaways From Agency Visits in London

By: Rachel Ornstein


During our winter session, I studied abroad on Professor Bartoo’s Public Relations and Advertising program in London. We used London as our classroom, and we were lucky enough to be able to visit four agencies during our program. Each agency talked to us about their work, as well as gave advice and insight in the Communication industry. These are highlights from each agency we visited.


One of Hunters biggest (and also their first!) clients is Tabasco, and the Hunter team shared that they were in the midst of figuring out how to promote Tabasco’s new Sriracha sauce to consumers. 

As an activity, they had us work in teams to help brainstorm campaign ideas to promote the Sriacha sauce! Some campaign ideas were an “Instagram worthy” pop-up shop, a cooking show with a famous chef creating recipes with the Sriracha sauce, and even a unique “Tabasco” airplane that provides flyers with in-flight meals with the Sriacha sauce!



To visit and tour Edelman’s London office was such a great opportunity, and we were able to meet with three professionals coming from different teams. We got to pick their brains about the future of the Communication industry and asked them questions that created a great conversation.

One professional we met with was involved in Crisis PR for a few of Edelman’s clients. After detailing us on her job, she played us a video of Kevin Johnson, the CEO of Starbucks, giving a statement on air after an incident at one of the company’s franchises made national news. We discussed the effectiveness of his words and delivery during the clip, which I found really interesting to be a part of.


At Mindshare, we got the chance to talk to team members who hold entry-level positions. While it’s great to hear from professionals about their experience, it was really refreshing to talk to people around our age. Specifically, they were previous interns who accepted a full-time job at the company. I found it interesting to hear from them, since that could be me in just a few years’ time!


PG ONE was unique to visit because instead of focusing just on Public Relations or Advertising, this agency fuses the two into one entity. The agency has Advertisers and Public Relations practitioners sitting across from each other since they believe it’s important to have these aspects working side by side.

 At PG ONE, we talked about how some of their clients have the same campaignsrunning around a certain time of year, but how sometimes, one might “need a break” for a year, and what goes into deciding that.

Studying abroad in London was an amazing experience, and visiting agencies was a great bridge from classroom to the real world. I highly recommend studying abroad to have a life-changing experience!

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