Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Go on Professor Bartoo’s London Study Abroad Program

By: Katie Coulson

Have you ever wanted to study abroad? Have you ever wanted to study abroad in London? Here are top seven reasons why you should apply to Professor Bartoo’s study abroad program.

  1. You get a hands on learning experience. On this program, you learn both inside and outside of the classroom. The main focus of the program is advertising and international public relations. Some days, time is spent learning in a classroom.  Then we would travel to a certain monument, cultural site, museum, or palace, and tie in our classroom knowledge to the site. For example, one class was spent analyzing tube advertisements. We discussed certain colors, certain fonts, and why certain advertisements were placed in specific tube station rather than others across the city. When I traveled inside a tube station that same day, I was able to apply my knowledge and analyze advertisements. I was able to personally see why a font was a certain way and why an advertisement was placed in a certain section and not the other. I had a hands on learning experience.
  2. You visit REAL WORLD agencies. Edelman, which is currently the biggest public relations firm in the world, was a highlight of the trip. While learning all about public relations and advertising, we got to visit, tour, and meet with FOUR public relations and advertising agencies. During our visits, we got to hear people with REAL JOBS and got to participate in activities that the company would actually do. The employees talked to us about their passions and day to day jobs, while also giving us advice about the workforce. It was a great real world experience which will prepare me for the future interviews and job opportunities.
  3. IMG_6683.jpegProfessor Bartoo makes the most out of every single experience. Many abroad professors can be boring. Professor Bartoo was anything but boring. On all tours, excursions, and class trips, she made sure to ask questions and made comments about how the information related to our class. She made the most out of every experience. She also invited us on other, outside of classroom tours that were useful and informative. She was a great resource to have in our hotel and I felt very comfortable going to her for anything I needed. She is excited for every single student and clearly cares about her students. Still to this day, I receive emails from Professor Bartoo about our London program and memories we made.
  4. You learn about more than just advertising and public relations. The two classes you take on the program are “introduction to advertising” and “international public relations.” I learned a lot about advertising and public relations through both of those courses however, I learned much more than that. I learned about the world. My friends and I had weekends to travel and we traveled to Copenhagen and Dublin. Traveling to these other countries, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was able to see the world and experience a place other than my own country. I fully submerged myself into a totally different culture than my own and I am so grateful for that experience. 
  5. I got to visit cultural excursions I probably wouldn’t have gone if I was alone. With our trip, we got tickets to Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace, Tower of London, and St. Pauls Cathedral. All of these trips were long days and full of information, but they were well worth it. I learned about English history in ways I never thought I would and I actually enjoyed learning about it. All of these places surprised me and I took a lot away from them all. 
  6. London is a great place to study advertising and public relations. I’ve said this many times but our program was able to take the knowledge we learned in the classroom, out in the city. We were able to analyze advertisements in tube stations and learn about how companies and brands advertise their products. With many advertising and public relations firms located in London, it was a perfect place to study. London is also a major international city with lots to do, all day everyday. We were able to make the most out of everyday and every experience we had. 
  7. The people. 22 people were on my program, which included Professor Bartoo and one program assistant. Many of the students are in the communication school, but a small number of students were other majors. Many of the other students had similar interests and similar career goals as me. This made the classroom environment better and easier to work with. While we were all similar, we were all from a variety of campus organizations and clubs. This meant that we had a lot of different backgrounds and were able to use those backgrounds to our advantages. I also made lifelong friendships that I not only consider just my “abroad” friends, but I hang out with them back on UD’s campus.


Overall, I highly recommend applying for Professor Bartoo’s study abroad program. I made many memories that I will never forget. I learned more than I ever thought I would, not only about advertising and public relations, but about the world and myself as a person. Professor Bartoo made my abroad program the best it can possibly be and I cannot imagine going on any other program.

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