A Letter To Our Seniors…

University of Delaware graduation: Here's here's what you need to know

Dear Seniors, 

While of course this is not how most of you expected your college experience to end, we wanted to congratulate you on this milestone.

We wish you the best of luck in your future and hope that when you land that job, you look back on how PRSSA helped you. 

In the future, some of you may come back as a speaker at one of our meetings. You can tell our members how this organization played a role in your journey. Until then, we know you will go far, as you took the initiative to develop your professionalism during your college years. 



“Life is an improvisation, You have no idea what’s going to happen next, and you are mostly just making things up as you go along.” -Stephen Colbert

List of the 2020 Graduating Seniors:

  • Samantha Murphy (PRSSA UD Executive Board)
  • Jenna Newman (PRSSA UD Executive Board)
  • Isabella Antignani (PRSSA UD Executive Board)
  • Nicole Vuong (PRSSA Executive Board)
  • Katie Coulson (PRSSA UD Executive Board)
  • Marissa DiGiacomo (PRSSA UD Executive Board)
  • Emma Beins
  • Sarah Cottrell
  • Samantha Havens
  • Taylor McCormack
  • Kate O’Donnell
  • Leah Sandford
  • Gillian Schmerl
  • Emily Sousa
  • Rachel Stamberg
  • Natalie Truglia
  • John Wasdin

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