My Summer Internship at HUNTER

By Rachel Ornstein

03/07/19 PR Women Who Changed History — The Museum of Public Relations

Internships took a big hit this summer due to the coronavirus, as many of them were postponed until next summer, transitioned to remote, or canceled altogether. This summer, I was lucky enough to virtually serve as the Barbara Hunter Fellow at HUNTER and I had a fantastic experience.

Grace Leong, CEO of HUNTER, graduated from UD in 1988. She has been a very active alum and was even named alumni of the year in 2013. During her time at UD, Grace was involved with PRSSA and served as the chapter president. Her legacy is upheld by providing a fellowship for one PRSSA member each summer at HUNTER. 

From the start, I was grateful to even have an internship this summer, so I was determined to benefit from the unique experience in any way I could. I’m happy to report that it was so much more than I could have predicted.

I was assigned to the Social and Digital team and primarily worked on two main accounts. Some of my responsibilities included conducting community management sweeps to note engagement opportunities, helping with a daily digest that summed up the most popular food trends on social, and drafting consumer monitoring reports.

I also attended weekly virtual meetings with the whole Social and Digital team, as well as internal team meetings for the accounts that I was working on. I loved listening in on the conversations that occurred behind the scenes regarding a social media post or collaboration, as well as other business decisions. I was lucky enough to be working with genuine, creative, and hardworking people who always made me feel part of the team. 

Among my meetings and recurring responsibilities, I was assigned a few long term projects. The one I enjoyed most was working on creating monthly visual outlines for the account’s social media. This entailed pulling pictures from a portal, planning out the images that will be included in future social posts, and drafting copy content for the post. In doing this, I had to keep in mind national holidays that would be relevant for the brand to post something specific, and enter that conversation. 

In addition to working on my accounts, I was assigned to a team to become familiar with a tool and contribute to a presentation for the rest of the HUNTER staff to showcase how they can use the tool for their clients. It was a really special experience for me to not only have the (virtual) floor and share my learnings with the team but also to have my work valued by the rest of the staff.

When pitching PRSSA, we talk about bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world, and my internship experience at HUNTER this summer did just that. It exceeded my expectations, presenting me with meaningful projects that I enjoyed working on and also learned from. We are so happy to welcome Grace as our first speaker this semester, the woman behind my amazing internship, so be sure to attend the meeting on September 14!

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