My 2020 Summer Internship Experience And What It Taught Me

By: Sammy Chmara

As summer 2020 was quickly approaching, I was hesitant about if I would be able to find an internship or not. Internship searching is hard enough, and the COVID-19 pandemic was posing even more challenges to getting hired. After submitting a ton of applications, I decided to reach out to some local Marketing and Public Relations agencies to see if they were still offering remote internships for the summer. After a few weeks, the president of the Digital Marketing Agency called PurpleGator reached out to me. I was thrilled and relieved that this company got back to me and was really considering hiring me for the summer. After an interview with him and his fellow vice president, they said that they thought a Marketing internship with them would help me learn so much about the industry and be great experience to get my foot in the door. I excitedly accepted the role, even though I was not exactly sure what I would be doing. I knew I would have something to keep me busy for the summer while being able to add relevant experience to my resume.

The first week of my internship was extremely overwhelming, since working for an agency like this was so new to me. Being the only intern at the time, my two supervisors were constantly giving me tasks to do and it was hard to know how much time I would be spending each and every day on them each and every day. Since the whole company was working from home, we used Skype regularly to stay in contact with each other about what needed to be done. We would also have daily team meetings in the morning to go over everyones jobs for the day. Being the newest member of the team who was only an intern, I was definitely nervous about what my team thought about me and if I was living up to the companies standards. I found that my supervisors and other team members were extremely friendly and helpful towards me.I also made sure that I spoke up about any confusion or concerns that I had and made sure that I was extremely receptive to my supervisors and answered them swiftly.

During this internship, I was exposed to so many different elements of the Digital Marketing and Advertising fields. I was able to sit in on team and client meetings to see how these types of meetings operate. I also got to write blog posts on a variety of different topics such as business advice during the pandemic, mobile marketing, and website development. Being able to research and write about these different topics taught me a lot and seeing my pieces actually on the companies website made me really proud of the progress I was making. I also got to help format and insert content for company campaigns as well as research client companies and logos.

The opportunity that I had interning for this company taught me a lot about myself and what am I able to accomplish when I work hard and diligently. One thing that I learned is that if you want to find a job or internship, you really have to put yourself out there. If you look hard enough, you are eventually going to find something. Your first internship does not need to be the most glamorous or the most exciting opportunity, but any experience you can get is definitely worth it. This internship also taught me the importance of asking questions. Internship Supervisors do not expect you to know everything, and it is really important that you speak up when you are confused about tasks. This shows them how committed you are to the company and to learning Lastly, I learned that you are capable of achieving so much more than you think you are able to. I was so nervous about starting this internship because I thought that I did not have enough experience and that I did not know enough about the field. After each day, I realized that I have already been exposed to so much information just through my classes and extracurriculars. It is important to not put so much pressure on yourself and instead just keep an open mind, because you can end up accomplishing so much more than you thought you were able to.

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