By Julia Sciacca

This week held one of the biggest wins for women in public relations. President-elect Biden named his communications team in which all seven roles are held by females. As a young woman looking ahead to her future in the industry, this is a very promising and motivating sign that women will someday be on the same playing field as men without needing to work twice as hard. Along with being fully female, the President-elect’s incoming communications team is very diverse, which will give the country more well-rounded communications.

As the holiday season kicks into full gear after a year of change, the public relations industry will be facing even more unfamiliar situations and tasks. The holiday season is usually one of the most important seasons for advertising, PR campaigns, and marketing, all of which tend to incorporate family together time, community events, and various celebratory gatherings to promote the warm, holiday feeling. How are these industries going to go about capitalizing on the holiday season when gatherings are now unsafe and families may not be celebrating the holidays together? With no surprise, Amazon was one of the first organizations to put out a successful holiday commercial that incorporated COVID, and still gave viewers holiday cheer through fantastic storytelling. Other possible trends for this coming season are an increase in animated content and capitalizing on the nostalgia most people are feeling for holiday seasons past.

This past Saturday, November 28th, the Vanderbilt football team put Sarah Fuller in as their kicker in their game against the University of Missouri. She is now the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game. Fuller is a senior at Vanderbilt and was the goal keeper for the University’s women’s soccer team before joining Vanderbilt’s football team mere days before she stepped on the field. While Fuller’s new position on Vanderbilt’s team is one for the books, unfortunately many people are looking at is as an elaborate publicity stunt. Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis is one of those people. Travis did a whole segment on his show about why he believes that the decision to bring Sarah Fuller in was a publicity stunt coordinated by the team’s former coach to attempt to save his job. Clay Travis also tweeted multiple times about his thoughts on Fuller’s new position on his Twitter which has 748 thousand followers. Between his radio show and his significant Twitter following, he reaches a wide audience who now, unfortunately, instead of celebrating Fuller’s accomplishment, are questioning the legitimacy behind it.

There will definitely be more newsworthy events coming our way in the weeks to come. It will be very interesting to see how the public relations industry continues to adapt to the new COVID climate through the holiday season. As the public transitions to 2021 however, public relations professionals in D.C. and the political field won’t see much rest as the Presidential transition will be continuing on and the inauguration will be fast approaching. 

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