Starting Off the Spring

By: Jessica Gardner
Spring has always been a season of new beginnings, and my first week of the
spring semester holds true to this statement. It feels ironic to be writing about springtime when there’s a snowstorm happening on the other side of my window, but regardless of the weather, the University of Delaware’s spring semester has begun. This semester is my first semester on campus!

Seeing as I’ve only been on campus a couple days now I am unable to write
comprehensively about campus life, but I can share my experiences so far. I am very impressed with the University’s dedication to safety. On campus students need to complete a daily health check, and there is also mandatory weekly covid testing. One of the nice things about living on north campus, is that I am a five minute walk from one of the covid testing facilities. Not only is safety enforced through testing, but it’s also enforced during in person events such as eating with other students in the dining hall or during building-wide events that the RAs plan for us.

I’ve definitely enjoyed being here for the past week, but I feel that even if I wasn’t on
campus there would still be many opportunities for me thanks to the University’s robust virtual student life. One skill that I really want to improve this semester is my writing and so, along with volunteering to write blog posts for PRSSA UD, I am also applying to write for The Review. This is something that I can do on or off campus. There are so many online opportunities for students, no matter where they are zooming in from. Even if it may feel far away, things are going to get better, so let’s go into this spring with some much needed optimism!

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