Meeting Recap: Stuart Schorr

By Sammy Chmara

For today’s general meeting, we had the opportunity to hear from Stuart Schorr who is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Jaguar Land Rover North America. It was very interesting getting to hear how the car industry intersects with Communications from a career aspect, as we’ve never heard from a speaker who works with cars. Stuart was a Communications student at the University of Delaware who graduated in 1988 and was able to land his first job in Public Relations right out of college from a contact he had. Stuart highlighted some important components of his role as well as some advice for us students who plan to enter the Public Relations and Media workforce Stuart mentioned how he has always had a love for cars and even came from a background in cars. He explained how being able to mix a passion or interest with a career is really great but can be difficult. Whether you are interested in beauty, fashion, or sports, trying to get a job with one of these markets can help you succeed in your career.

Stuart highlighted his companies car Marketing launch timeline which included the different auto shows he has attended. The Public Relations team was responsible for creating these events and figuring out which media outlets should be invited to get coverage. He explained that in order to decide which outlets should be incited, you should consider who would be most interested and who would be most willing to come. Some of the outlets that have covered his car shows include USA Today, CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, and more. The purpose of these shows is to include things that will get the media’s attention where they will want to create a story about it.

Stuart suggests that anyone wanting to pursue a career in Public Relations must have thick skin and not take anything too personally that the media says. He also mentioned that you should avoid blackballing any news outlet that says something negative about your brand because it could ruin your chances of being mentioned positively in a future story.

We had such a great meeting learning about Stuart and his professional journey in the car industry!

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