The Engagement Game – Pinterest Rolls Out New Features to Push Engagement 

By Corinne Dolan

It’s no secret that driving engagement is key to a brand’s success on social media. But in an attention economy like ours, it’s much easier said than done to drive engagement and to see concrete results from it. Another issue to tackle is which platform to focus on to ensure your key audience receives your message. This past month, Pinterest joined the list of social media platforms that are playing the engagement game, with new features for creators and influencers alike to drive meaningful engagement.

Move over, TikTok. Pinterest recently launched their new “Watch” scrolling feature which takes content from creator’s “Idea Pins” and allows users to respond with their own pin, or as Pinterest calls it, “Takes”. Unlike Instagram stories, these pins do not disappear and they foster engagement by linking the user’s pin to the creator’s and allowing the creator to highlight the user’s responses. This encourages community engagement and presents the opportunity for brands to have conversations with a variety of publics. 

Influencers also have the incentive to use Pinterest to drive engagement. Launching its “Creator Rewards” program, Pinterest is offering influencers with over 1,000 followers to receive monetization by posting content that the app assigns. The Creator Hub allows creators to make high-quality, organic content that aligns with their brand and interests. Celebrities including Megan Thee Stallion and Jennifer Lopez are among the first influencers to utilize this, as they encouraged users to interact with their Idea Pins.

Pinterest’s new features offer influencers and creators to receive engagement from highly interested individuals who are seeking out specific content, not ones that mindlessly scroll. This no doubt presents the unique opportunity for meaningful interactions between creators and users. 

As a student eager to enter the PR industry, I am excited to see what these new tools hold for the future of Pinterest and its users. I feel that brands that are looking to break into influencer relations can benefit immensely from these new additions. As getting user attention and driving engagement becomes more and more difficult, Pinterest now allows for a unique space to gain mutually beneficial relationships.



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